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Yellow weather warning from the Met Office 25/10/21

We will be keeping a close eye on things don't worry but here's the latest from the Met Office

'There’s an unsettled look to the weather across Northwest England this week with a few showers expected today and a period of more persistent rain later tonight and for a time tomorrow. However, the main period of interest is during Wednesday, Wednesday night and potentially for a time on Thursday morning when persistent and heavy rain, particularly across the Cumbrian mountains and fells, is likely to give accumulations of rain during this period of between 40 and 80mm quite widely and between 140 to 180mm over the higher ground with perhaps up to 200mm in a few of the well known wetter spots such as Seathwaite and Honister for example.

A yellow rain warning covering much of Cumbria and indicating a very low likelihood of MEDIUM impacts has been issued and is attached. The warning is valid from 0600 on Wednesday and 1200 on Thursday. Road conditions are likely to become very poor with time and there’ll also be scope for some flooding from rivers.

There are some uncertainties regarding the detail in the forecast and hence it’s likely that the warning will be updated over the next day or two as more information becomes available. Looking further ahead there’s the potential for further rain later on Thursday and also for a time on Friday before more wet weather potentially affects the region during the weekend.,

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