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Flood Guidance Statement Tue 4 Oct
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Morning! We have received an update on the weather, wind warning and flood risk.

Weather scenario:

Main thrust of rainfall today will be across Cumbria with some heavier interludes possible W/S/Cent Cumbria though short-period rainfall rates not expected to approach those experienced on Friday which caused all the issues in Borrowdale. Elsewhere across the Northwest some pockets of rain today but mostly light/intermittent. Tonight rain across Cumbria probably easing for a time before returning later in the night and extending to other parts of the Northwest. Again some heavier interludes possible, especially S/W/Cent Cumbria. Clearance arriving from the W for all parts of the region during the course of tomorrow morning. Remainder of tomorrow a mixture of bright/sunny intervals and showers which could become frequent/locally heavy, especially afternoon/early evening.

Winds and wind warning:

This time yesterday there were concerns for potentially disruptive gusts developing overnight and early Wednesday. Those concerns have eased somewhat in the past 24 hours although there remains a very low likelihood of some stronger S to SW winds affecting particularly exposed sections of the Irish Sea coastline e.g. Cumbria.

Flood risk:

This morning’s Flood Guidance Statement reflects a green area of concern over much of Cumbria covering today and tomorrow and depicting a low likelihood of minor impacts from either rivers or surface water effects

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