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The winter ahead

Our thoughts are turning to winter as we have just conducted a massive review of our emergency plan. This can be read on our website

If you live in a flood prone area, we always urge you to check your flood defences regularly and that you know how to put them up. Maybe have a little practice? It is better to do this in advance. Are your non return valves working? Remember we don't know how to fix these for you - get in touch with someone who does.

If you might have difficulties if your property floods - are you registered as a householder with us? We will always prioritise the most vulnerable e.g. the elderly or infirm based on the information you give us. Do you know someone who might benefit from extra support from us? If so encourage them to register with us via our website or on a form that you can get from Cockermouth Library.


  • Creating a personal flood plan, which should include: steps to keep valuable and sentimental items safe from floodwater

  • how to limit the amount of water that may come into the home

  • details of insurance and arrangements for evacuation (and for pets, if they have any)

There is further household guidance on our website to help you do this. And finally have you signed up for flood warnings? Here's the link to do this if you haven't already

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