Storm Dudley & Eunice

They do sound like an ill matched pair don't they. We have been updating Facebook with the latest on all the weather reports we get from the Met Office. There's been no real change apart from Storm Dudley will now start earlier between 1500 and 1600 on Wednesday. This does mean unfortunately that a lot more folk might be out and about rather than at home battening down the hatches.

The main risk is the high winds although the storms will bring some rain and the possibility of coastal flooding. The Met Office is describing this as a severe weather warning and there is an amber alert so please do take it seriously. Cumbria's Local Resilience Forum is holding coordination meetings to make sure that preparation for this event is joined up, and everyone's ready to respond. Here's some other advice from them (and us) that is of use as well:

  • Avoid travelling during the windiest periods (tomorrow - Wednesday - lunchtime/evening/night, and then again on Friday) when conditions could be really poor, and there is a risk of trees falling.

  • Stay off the hills and off the water - it's not going to be any fun out there, and they'll be there to enjoy another day

  • Be prepared for a power cut (although fingers crossed there won't be any significant one) - check you've got batteries for torches and radios, some food that doesn't need cooking (you can never have too much chocolate in the house ), etc.

  • If you do experience issues like a loss of power or communications, please check on your neighbours and help them if necessary - the response within communities is essential, and almost always the quickest support that people will get - and Cumbria's really good at it!

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