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Priority Services Register

Did you know about this? I didn’t until recently and it could be really useful in the event of flooding or a power cut. Priority Services can be accessed by anyone who has joined the Priority Services Register (PSR). This is not exclusive to any single utility company – it is a free and independent service available to home energy customers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The purpose of the PSR is to make sure everyone has equal access to information and support related to energy supplies. This means that if you or anyone you live with is likely to need help in understanding bills or interacting with suppliers, or will need additional support during a power cut, you could benefit from registering.

What benefits does the PSR offer?

Being registered with the PSR can offer you help and support in a number of different ways. These include:

· Making written information and bills easier to understand by supplying them in different formats such as large print, Braille, audio CD or a different language.

· Enabling you to nominate someone to interact with your energy supplier on your behalf.

· Priority support if a power cut occurs – those registered on the PSR will be eligible for welfare services including food, drinks, warmth and charging points. You will also be kept updated as a priority.

· Alternative heating and cooking provision if your gas supply fails.

· Advance notice of any planned power outages – this enables you to put plans in place and let your supplier know that you may need extra help while your power is off.

Is the PSR safe and secure?

All PSR staff are identifiable as they wear photo ID badges. You can also agree a password with them, so you never have to let anyone in unless you are absolutely sure. In addition, the PSR only shares your details, with your permission, with the companies which are involved in supplying gas and electricity to your home, so they can make sure you are receiving all the support you need. You won’t have any unsolicited phone calls or marketing sent to you as a result of registering with the PSR. The only other agencies the PSR works with are those who can help you in an emergency, such as your Local Authority, the emergency services and the British Red Cross.

Is it easy to register on the PSR?

Registration with the PSR is completely free, and only has to be done once. The only time you will need to re-register is if you move house or change energy suppliers, or if your needs change. You can register by telephoning your energy supplier, or completing a form on your network provider’s website. You can also ask to be removed from the PSR at any time.

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