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FREE weight management programme

Good morning

We have received notification from the County Council of a free weight management programme for the residents of Cumbria.

New Service

Oviva Tier 2 Weight Management is a fully remote, digitally enabled weight management and behaviour change intervention. It offers personalised support led by expert healthcare professionals. Participants can complete the programme from the comfort of their own home via the NHS approved smartphone app or over the phone. They can schedule appointments with their health coach at times that suit them (including evenings and weekends).

Participants will learn more about managing their weight and receive personalised support to reach their goals in a way that suits them. The programme is highly accessible; care can be delivered in over 22 languages and support is available for deaf and/or visually impaired people.

Eligibility criteria

People are eligible to sign up for the programme if:

  • They are aged eighteen years or above,

  • They are registered with a GP practice in Cumbria or are a resident in Cumbria,

  • They have a BMI of 25 or over (adjusted to a BMI of 23 or over for people of black African, African-Caribbean or Asian descent).

The following exclusion criteria apply:

  • An individual who does not meet the eligibility criteria above

  • Severe/moderate frailty as recorded on a frailty register with their GP

  • Pregnancy

  • Those with a diagnosed eating disorder

  • People who have had bariatric surgery in the last two years

  • Those with an underlying medical cause for obesity that requires intensive clinical management rather than a tier 2 community weight management programme

  • People currently attending a weight management programme

  • People who have attended a tier 2 weight management programme in the last 3 months.

Referral routes

GPs / Health Professionals can refer patients by completing a referral form which is accessed through EMIS. Once the patient has been referred, Oviva will get in touch with them to enrol them onto the programme.

People can also self-refer into the programme by filling out the self-referral form linked here and the Oviva team will get in touch

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