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Are you able to help?

If you enjoy volunteering, there are opportunities to make a difference by getting alongside isolated families in our local community. There are children in our area who need someone to spend time with them to make some good memories and help them feel special. There are parents who need someone to tell them they are doing a great job under difficult circumstances. There are grandparents who need someone to give them some respite and recuperation as they care for their grandchildren. Could you help? Could you take a child out to the park for an hour to give a grandad a break or go for a coffee with a mum for emotional support? Or could you make a meal or provide clothes or furniture to a family going through hard times? Or could you give £8 a month that will support a family this year?

A mum with 2 young children was supported by an older volunteer in her community. The volunteer would pop by every couple of weeks to have a coffee with mum. They built up a lovely friendship over time and the volunteer helped mum to find her feet as she didn’t know anyone in the town because she and her children were new to the area. When the pandemic hit, the mum and children wanted to support the volunteer who couldn’t get out to the shops, so they did her shopping for her and when it came to her birthday, the children wanted to give her a little party and baked a cake too. This story shows how having a coffee with someone can make a difference, and can lead to a real friendship, creating that hope and connection for an isolated family. Maybe you could do the same for another isolated family.

In another case, a volunteer came alongside a parent to spend time with their teenager, who was very quiet with few friends. This volunteer came and went out for walks with them, and in a short space of time the teenager looked forward to the visits and they would arrive back laughing and talking. The volunteer became so loved by the family that they described her as part of the family. Mum said "you made life good again for us".

Could you do the same? There are many ways to get involved. Get in touch with Lynn , visit or call Lynn on 07384515089.

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