Can you help? Is Covid 19 impacting you?

Professor Kaz Stuart at the University of Cumbria and her team are currently involved in some research looking at the biological/psychological/social impact of Covid-19. Their findings so far have been reviewed by the House of Lords and Public Health England and were highlighted recently on Border News.

As a result of a deep dive into the data they have already received, this has specifically highlighted various groups who have been especially impacted e.g. those who are homeless, those in poverty, those who have lost their job, those with additional needs, carers, those with health concerns etc. and they would like to explore these experiences further given, among other things, the second lockdown we are experiencing.

The aim of the research is to provide further detailed information to national and local agencies to ensure planning for recovery from Covid-19 takes into account the needs and views of everyone. To assist with this, they wondered if you could would complete a short survey? There will of course be no identifying factors within the data collection.

The link to the survey is

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