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A Host of Golden Daffodils project

A message from our friends at Cockermouth Rotary and the pattern they have provided below.

Cockermouth Rotary are working to bring the community together with the shared aim of creating lots of daffodils using various materials which will be displayed to decorate the town and create ‘A Host of Golden Daffodils’… to bring joy and positivity over the next 2 months. We are inviting individuals & groups to creates daffodils to contribute to a town wide display.

Mounting will take place in the last week of March so they are in situ ahead of Easter weekend Friday 2nd April – Monday 5th and Wordsworth’s 251st Birthday on 7th April and will complement the real daffodils that are planted across Cockermouth and should be in full bloom.

We ask that all daffodil creations need to be made from weatherproof materials as they will be displayed outside for approximately 1 month. Whether it be knitting, crochet, recycled materials, wood, painted rocks, any contribution will be appreciated and displayed.

If you are a knitter or 'crocheter' and need wool to make your daffodils please contact Sally Scales on 07774087507 who will arrange for wool to be delivered.

We are hoping the project will have multiple benefits given current circumstances.

  • Give those in isolation/shielding/quarantine or housebound a new activity to engage in.

  • Give local children in the school hubs a fun activity and those at home an activity to do with parents.

  • Brighten the town at the end of Winter/beginning of Spring as restrictions, hopefully, begin easing.

  • Bring people across the community together with a shared goal.

  • Make Cockermouth attractive as local businesses are hopefully able to reopen.

  • Bring a little bit of sunshine to the next 2 months as we remain in lock down.

We are looking to muster an army of volunteers of all ages and creative ability to support us by making daffodils to either display in their windows/on doors etc. or for us to collect & use to in the town displays.

Contact Sally Scales 07774087507 to arrange collection.

Thank you for your support'

Here is a suggestion for a knitted daffodil pattern but please feel free to use y our own

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