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Storm Arwen - customer phone calls on behalf of ENWL

This probably won't affect a lot of people in our catchment but do spread these words of reassurance. Electricity North West have commissioned a firm called Impact to call a random selection of customers who were without power for more than 48 hours - to ask some questions about their experiences, and to help ENWL understand how they could do better in a future incident

This is obviously a great chance to give them some feedback - but a few people have been concerned it's some kind of scam, so if you're able to reassure people that it's legitimate, then that would be great.

Impact will ask a few details about who lives in the property, which is what has caused some people concern - but this will be limited to fairly basic info like the ages of the people, and any medical conditions, etc, that make them more dependent on electricity. (And legitimate calls obviously won't ask for any bank account details, etc!)

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