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Covid 19 latest news in Cumbria

This week’s report shows that the number of new cases in Cumbria continues to be broadly static, with 56 new cases in the week ending 14 August, compared to 57 cases the previous week.

The county council’s Director of Public Health, Colin Cox is still reminding people to continue to be vigilant and follow social distancing guidelines and good hygiene measures. In particular, people are being advised to wear face coverings in taxis following some concerns about the potential for spread in this setting.

The local multi-agency Cumbria Health Protection Board is continuing to monitor the situation closely.

We must continue to be on our guard. This highly infectious disease has not been eradicated and could spread again quickly if we do not take precautions.

Coronavirus has killed over 400 people in Cumbria and can be spread by people even if they do not have symptoms, which underlines the importance of following public health advice.

See all the latest Government guidance at For the latest local information and infection rate reports, go to

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