19.02.2020 News from Environment Agency

This is a message from the Environment Agency.

Bands of rain are expected to affect Cumbria this afternoon, evening and overnight into Thursday. This rainfall will be accompanied by strong winds. On Thursday we could experience short duration, high intensity rainfall with the chance of some snow falling on high ground. Rivers could show a significant response with some fast responding catchments reacting this evening, and larger catchments peaking on Thursday. It is likely that the rainfall over today and tomorrow could be similar to Storm Dennis with low lying roads, parks and some isolated properties being affected.

  1. Additional rain is forecast during the second half of Friday into Saturday, with further widespread rain then likely across the region overnight Saturday and through Sunday morning. High ground in the west of the region is most likely to see the largest totals, though there is some uncertainty over the locations and volumes of forecast rain.In Cumbria, we currently have two Flood Alerts and one Flood Warning in Force and forecast that additional alerts and warnings could be issued over the coming days. Some flooding impacts are possible between today and Sunday due to current ground conditions and river levels, and the days of forecast rain.Despite the predicted winds, no large offshore waves are forecast, no Tidal Alert thresholds are likely to be breached and no tidal impacts are expected.We will keep communities at risk updated as the weather develops, and will also share information on our Instagram (envagencynw) and Twitter (@EnvAgencyNW).Be flood ready. It is important that you are prepared for flooding and we encourage you to take 3 simple steps:- 1. Sign up to Flood Warning Service to receive free flood warnings 2. Know what to do when a flood warning is issued. We encourage you have a personal flood plan for you and your family 3. Keep an eye on the situation. You can view at 5 day weather forecast and monitor river levels online at https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/ and www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/Further information is available on our website www.gov.uk/flood or by ringing Floodline on 0345 988 1188Message Sent By David Snaith (Environment Agency, F

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